First do no harm. To one's credit, to one's physical well being or most importantly to one's soul.

How does my fashion filter work? Here are some basic guidelines...   

Financial: 1. Stick to your financial reality.  No debt, no secrets, no lying. Be real about what you can afford and what you need. I understand (and covet) the quality, workmanship and overall fabulousness that is designer fashion, however spending $1200, $300, $100 or even $50 for an article of clothing isn't realistic for many of us much of the time. 2. On a budget? My go to shopping advice is to buy pre-owned if you want designer but want to avoid the price tag. 3. Figure out where the holes in your wardrobe are first and shop for the highest quality you can find to fill those gaps. Today's retail landscape offers life enhancing fashion at all price points! 

Physical: 1.) I rarely recommend anything that will be remotely uncomfortable. Discomfort is relative of course but really, life is too short for aching feet and jeans that pinch. 2.) I love the nostalgia of spaghetti strap sundress or the drama of a backless gown as much as the next person but being able to wear a comfortable bra is fairly paramount for many women, therefore, whenever possible I choose clothing that can be worn with one.

Spiritual: If you cannot bend over in it, lift your arms while wearing it or generally move or exist in it and are therefore reduced to an object, it probs won’t make it through my filter.