Wear a graphic tee and be done.

You have an event (and by event I do not mean dressy cocktail or something corporate, I mean a festive party, or an event related to an industry that is creative, like a premiere or launch party or the like.) You want to dress up and be comfortable. The tee says, I’m no where NEAR close to overdressing, the bottoms and shoes say I‘m showing respect for the dress level of this event by wearing an appropriately festive fabric. Hello mustard velvet pants…

tropical monogram tee.jpg

Monogram Studio Classic Tropical Tee $65 (Monogram Studio gives me life. If you ever need a moment of inspiration (fashion, styling, make up, art direction, go to their site and let their talent and creativity wash over you.)

Anthropologie Ada Heels $138

& Other Stories High Waisted Mustard Trouser $99

Zara Waxed Finish Pleated Skirt $49.90